Pillow Lounger for Kids that is Easy to Wash

This genius product turns ordinary bed pillows into a kids floor pillow lounger the ultimate floor cushions for kids! The floor lounger is surprisingly inexpensive and can be used as a play mat, nap mat or slumber party bed mat. Kids of all ages and sizes will love the bright colored patterns of the floor cushion covers that fit any occasion a pillow lounger might come in handy!

These pillow bed covers are perfect for play time, nap time, and any time kids — or adults — want to relax. / Source: Amazon

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Floor Pillow Lounger for Kids

My kids love to be comfy and cozy, which was why I was so excited to find these pillow bed covers from Butterfly Craze. The adorable covers turn pillows into cozy floor pillows that are perfect for lounging.

They are the ultimate floor cushions for kids!

pillow bed cover from Butterflycraze shown how 5 pillows create a floor cushion using the five pocket pillow bed cover
Source: Amazon

What is a Floor Lounger?

If you are searching for a floor lounger, you might have noticed there are lots of names that people call them. We have seen them called floor pillows, pillow lounger, pillow floor mats, floor cushions, lounge floor cushion, floor lounger, pillow bed floor lounger, bean bag bed and pillow bed.

How a Pillow Lounger Cover Works

The concept is genius. The adorable pillow bed covers from ButterflyCraze are designed with pockets that separate each pillow. After inserting a pillow into each pocket, zip it up, and voila! Your kids will have a cozy lounger that’s a great alternative to plain ol’ pillows, recliner pillows, floor cushions, and bean bag chairs.

These pillow loungers can be used during play dates, sleep overs (like when they stay over at grandma and grandpa’s!), story time, nap time, and quiet time too.

Butterfly Craze Pillow covers
Source: Amazon

DIY Pillow Floor Lounger

Let’s be honest; they’re not just for kids either.

Both the queen- and king-size pillow covers are 75 inches long, which means adults can definitely use them to relax on too.

Floor Lounge Cushion that is Easy to Clean

Bonus: when the pillow beds not in use, simply remove the pillows, wash them in the laundry machine, and fold them up!

The pillow bed covers also currently come in seven pretty adorable colors/designs, including purple, light pink, hot pink, aqua blue, galaxy, a transportation design, or navy with stars.

Is a Pillow Bed Easy to Wash?

When buying a pillow lounger, you will want to make sure you can remove the pillows or stuffing for washing. The pillow bed floor lounger cover can be removed easily and washed. Machine wash on a gentle cycle with gentle detergent (no bleach) with cold water and hang to dry.

I already know my kids will want these for their next pillow and cover fort!

The Butterfly Craze pillow bed covers are available on Amazon. Since they don’t come with pillows, make sure have enough!

Child laying on floor cushion made of bed pillows that has a space theme

New Pillows for Kids

big pillow for kids that looks like a flower sitting next to child on a couch
Your Pillow Can look like a flower!

New this year are these cool flower pillows that come in a ton of different color combinations which will match almost any decor. I love how big and colorful they are. Grab yours now on Butterfly Craze’s Amazon Store.

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What do you like about these cool floor cushions for kids? What was your favorite design?

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