Pizza Freak Co. Debuts at Higher Ground at Arlo Wynwood

Pizza Freak Co. has recently launched at Higher Ground, a vibrant bar located among the canopies at Arlo Wynwood. The guests are offered to indulge in Pizza Freak’s mouth-watering creations, available both by the slice and as whole pies, but in limited quantities. The official launch event, named “Slice & Celebrate: Pizza Freak Co. Launch at Higher Ground,” was an evening of celebration, with unlimited slices of Pizza Freak Co., free-flowing negronis and beers, live music, and the presence of the founders of the pizza brand, including Chef Kilgore.

“Pizza Freak Co. is not just a frozen pizza; it’s a game-changer,” Kilgore says, Co-founder of Pizza Freak Co. and Chef at MaryGold’s by Brad Kilgore in Arlo Wynwood. “We are thrilled to have Arlo Wynwood as our first official hotel partner. Higher Ground’s lively ambiance is the perfect setting to showcase what Pizza Freak Co. is all about — quick, easy and delicious pizza that pairs perfectly with cocktails any day of the week.”

From Noon to 10 p.m. daily at Higher Ground (2217 NW Miami Ct.), guests can indulge in various pizza slices, ranging from classic to funky. The Umami Mami, which costs $6 per slice or $35 per whole pie, offers a perfect combination of pepperoni, garlic chili crisp, and Miso-Lemon Ranch, creating a rich and savory flavor. For those seeking a gourmet experience, the Trufflenator, which costs $7 per slice or $39 per whole pie, features wild mushrooms, leeks, truffle crema, and rosemary, providing a sophisticated and savory pizza indulgence. Guests who prefer a classic taste can enjoy the Three Cheese Blend, priced at $5 per slice or $29 per whole pie, combining different cheese types to satisfy every craving. Moreover, Ezzo’s Pepperoni Cups, priced at $5.50 per slice or $32 per whole pie, provide a unique touch with their cupped pepperoni, enhancing the spice and savory goodness of this pizza experience. These diverse options cater to all palates, ensuring a delightful pizza experience for all guests at Higher Ground.

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