Pollok House in Glasgow, Scotland

Pollok House, a striking Georgian mansion, was constructed in the mid-18th century within the expansive Pollok Country Park in Glasgow. With its classical design and symmetrical facades, the mansion showcases the elegance of Georgian architecture. Originally belonging to the Maxwell family, prominent landowners and Barons of Pollok, the house served as their ancestral home.

Situated in the picturesque Pollok Country Park, the mansion provides an impressive setting. The estate’s historical significance is intertwined with the Maxwell family’s role in Scottish history. Over time, Pollok House underwent changes and eventually became a cultural and historical landmark.

One of the highlights of Pollok House is its impressive art collection, featuring works by renowned artists such as El Greco, William Blake, and Rembrandt. Notably, the mansion houses El Greco’s The Lady in Fur Wrap. The art collection is a testament to the cultural richness of the estate.

Pollok House and its surrounding estate are now under the care of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), a conservation charity. The property was generously gifted to the NTS by Sir John Stirling Maxwell, a descendant of the original owners, ensuring its preservation for future generations.

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