Priorities: DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison Dunked for What He's Doing As the Dem Party Falls Apart

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To say that Democrats are in full-scale disarray would be the understatement of the year as fissures widen, with some diehards in both the “Biden should stay!” and “Biden should go!” camps hardening their stances and digging in (though a few appear to be waffling) the closer we get to the Democratic National Convention.

As we’ve previously reported, the DNC will take place from August 19th through August 22nd in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago, where things promise to be quite lively as woke “mostly peaceful” protesters take to the streets and test the patience of the Windy City’s finest while nomination proceedings inside the United Center threaten to be even livelier.

Also overshadowing the convention will be the anticipated debut of a tell-all book by Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s second youngest child, Navy Joan Roberts, who the Biden family has treated abhorrently. The book is set to be released on day two of DNC festivities.

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But with just a few short weeks to go before the DNC gets cranked up and with panicked Democrats, especially those in key swing Congressional districts, fretting over what the future holds, it would appear that the Party’s chairman, Jaime Harrison, has other more pressing priorities to handle.

Those priorities include… battling Twitter/X randos:

…and posting cringe Wonder Woman memes about Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre – who has not had a good week like at all (and it’s only Tuesday):

There was also this, which I’m sure someone at the DNC was really proud of and thought was a good use of funds:

With tactics like these, it just brings to mind Donald Trump’s (mostly) muted approach so far to the rampant Democrat infighting in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance in late June, essentially watching as they turn on each other and eat each other alive while he reaps the rewards, as seen in numerous post-debate polls.

All of that said, it should also be pointed out that Harrison, a failed South Carolina Senate nominee, was part of a DNC call two days after the infamous debate, where according to some members he “gaslit” the callers. Further, according to the AP, “The chat function was disabled and there were no questions allowed.”

Hey, on one hand, I don’t blame Harrison for wanting to pretend like the debate and the fallout didn’t happen. But the elephant in the room has roared to life, and unfortunately for Harrison, Biden, and the DNC, it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

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