Really, 'Dr.' Jill? First Lady Bragged About Biden's 'Vigor' and 'Energy' in Interview Just Months Ago

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Far be from me to call First Lady Jill Biden a li— let’s just call her a “truth-stretcher.”

With a growing number of Democrat lawmakers calling on Joe Biden to bow out of the presidential race in the aftermath of not only his humiliating debate performance but also his equally humiliating interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, along with multiple other lapses, a January interview with the pretend doctor in which she sang her husband’s praises warrants a revisit. 

Mrs. Biden told “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski in January:

He can do it. I see Joe every day. I see him out traveling around this country. I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion. He has wisdom. He has experience. He knows every leader on the world stage. He’s lived history. He knows history. He’s thoughtful in his decisions. He is the right man, the right person for the job at this moment in history.

Contrast Mrs. Biden’s glowing tribute to her husband with what you saw in the June 27 debate and in the Stephanopoulos interview. Look, “Dr.” Jill, I understand the whole suspension of disbelief thing, but unless your husband’s cognitive capacity has declined at the speed of light since January, please. 

Bonus Cartoon—President Jill Biden Isn’t Leaving the White House Without a Fight

Mrs. Biden’s absurdly inaccurate assessment of Joe’s mental capacity was ridiculed at the time by radio host Charlamagne Tha God. 

I get it because, you know, we’re stuck with what we got, right? Like, I think that the Republican Party should move away from Donald Trump. And I think that the Democratic Party should move away from Joe Biden. But we’re stuck with what we got.

Not that Charlamagne’s opinion is more or less valid than any other opinion, but his “we’re stuck with what we got” comment is where the Democrat Party now finds itself — with DEI “hire” Kamala Harris waiting in the wings if not already measuring for new White House drapes.

Charlamagne continued:

So, I mean, she has to be optimistic. I mean, she has to say those things. What is she going to say? Like, ‘Oh… I don’t think he’s going to make it through four years. You know, I think he’s going to drop dead after two.’ I mean, what is she supposed to say?

What Jill Biden — then and now — is “supposed to say,” from her own selfish perspective, is “I will fight until my last breath to keep my husband in the Oval Office because as long as he’s there, I will remain relevant and hang onto my self-perceived power.”

In other “Dr.” Jill coverage, as RedState reported on Saturday, journalist Megyn Kelly demolished the First Lady about her thirst for power, saying Mrs. Biden has been “exposed” as a “power-hungry aspirant herself to political power.”

I’d say the despicable woman is guilty of elder abuse, but— wait, I just did.

REPORT: Jill Biden Melting Down at People Who Want Joe to Step Aside

Meanwhile, “Dr.” Jill confirmed on Monday that her husband will not bow out.

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