Rep. Chip Roy Shreds Republican Leadership As 'Total Failure' Over Bloated Omnibus Spending Package

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Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), never one to mince words, laid into fellow Republican lawmakers who might vote for the latest omnibus bill that was just unveiled, referring to them as having a “total lack of backbone.” As with other bloated spending packages, this one will spend exorbitant sums of taxpayer funds on causes that aren’t going to help the American people.

As is typical, Republicans are poised to betray their constituents once again as they vote in favor of this package. But at least folks like Rep. Roy are willing to call it out. He made his comments during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.

Roy slammed the bill as “an abomination” and lambasted Republican leadership for its “total failure” to stop another morbidly obese spending bill from getting passed. “I promise you I will not be going out and supporting any Republican who votes for this bill for any position never again,” he vowed.

The lawmaker then went into the problems with the proposed measure, arguing that “It busts the spending caps, it racks up more debt” and noted that the U.S. is “racking up a trillion dollars of debt every 100 days.”

Roy also brought up increased funding for the FBI, an agency Republicans have criticized over recent years for its politically motivated actions against folks on the right.

“This bill funds the new FBI headquarters after Republicans in the first half of the omnibus said, Oh, don’t worry, we were defunding some of the FBI. It’s all crap. They now put the money back in to fund the FBI headquarters.”

Funding for other causes that Republican voters do not support was also an issue for Roy, who pointed out that it would fund the World Health Organization, “abortion tourism,” and “transgender surgeries” while not doing enough to secure America’s southern border.

“We know that radical progressive Democrats, led by Biden, want our borders to be open to destroy our sovereignty, to pile people into our country, to allow, yes, criminals who act like animals, as the former President said, to kill Americans. Yes, Democrats are doing that. And what’s Republicans’ response? Give them more money. Continue to fund it. Give Border Patrol even more money under this bill to do what? Process more people.”

The representative then called on viewers to contact their congresspeople and urge them to vote against the bill because it is “a vote against America.”

He concluded with another barb at Republican lawmakers considering voting in favor of the measure: “Any Republican who votes for this bill owns the murders, the rapes, and the assaults by the people that are being released into our country. There is no defense of it, period.”

Roy is not the only one who opposes the omnibus bill. Conservatives on social media have been railing against it since it was proposed.

The unveiling of the more than $1.2 trillion, six-bill appropriations package has prompted fiery debate among members of the chattering class. Congress compiled a 1,012-page document that most probably did not and will not read.

The legislative behemoth supposedly aims to address fiscal policy, earmarking substantial funds for defense and domestic programs. The lion’s share of the proposal would go to the Departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

The package would also offer a slight increase to the number of beds in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities while boosting funding for the Border Patrol.

Democrats have touted the bill’s domestic provisions, including funding for child care, education, and medical research. It also features aid to Israel and Taiwan.

Each year, Congress debates gargantuan spending bills. Both parties collude to blow out federal spending without seeming to give even a modicum of consideration to those who want lawmakers to roll back the state. Few, like Rep. Roy, bother to take a principled stand against these measures. In the end, some iteration of the bill ends up passing, adding trillions more to our national debt. How much longer will Americans tolerate this?

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