REPORT: Sen. Marco Rubio in Serious Contention For Trump's VP

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Donald Trump is seriously considering Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate, according to a new report.

NBC revealed on Thursday that it had spoken with “six people familiar with the presumptive Republican nominee’s search for a 2024 running mate” and that Rubio is now a serious contender.

The outlet reported: 

“The list is long, and it’s extremely early in any kind of process,” one Trump adviser said. “No one has been directly reached out to yet, and I do not expect that for some time.”

But Trump’s apparent seriousness about Rubio, a 52-year-old, third-term senator, hints at the former president’s priorities and presents an intriguing set of potential complications. 

Rubio is young and telegenic, he’s spent more time in federal office than Vice President Kamala Harris, and, at a time when Trump is bullish on his chances of winning over Latino voters, he would be the first non-white person ever to make a Republican presidential ticket.

In other words, the Miami-born son of working-class Cuban immigrants looks good on paper and on television — a powerful combination for Trump.

Trump is also apparently interested in Rubio’s fundraising ability:

The Trump team plans to test out top contenders on the campaign trail — auditions of a sort — at rallies and events in the coming months. They will also assess a necessary skill that Rubio has shown: the ability to raise money. He collected nearly $50 million for his 2016 presidential run.

However, the report also outlined possible impediments to Rubio joining the ticket, including a constitutional rule that prohibits electors from voting for a president and vice president from their own state: 

It’s not clear whether Rubio would be interested in moving in order to run for vice president, and he has raised the Constitution as a possible impediment — without fully ruling out the No. 2 slot — before.

“We’re both from the same state, so that’s probably not going to work that way,” Rubio said when he was asked about joining a Trump ticket on Fox News in January.

There’s a scenario being discussed in Florida political circles in which Rubio could resign his Senate seat in order to move to another state and join the ticket. That would give a big plum to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Trump’s vanquished rival from this year’s primary, in the form of a Senate appointment to hand out.

There is no doubt that Rubio would be a smart choice. A smooth and accomplished political performer, he previously played an important role advising Trump on matters pertaining to Latin America. A fluent Spanish speaker, Rubio could also offer Trump possible inroads with Hispanic communities and help lock down voters who have also fled communist oppression. 

Yet Rubio has not always been so popular within MAGA circles due to his hawkish views on foreign policy and reputation as more of an establishment figure. The two men clashed during the 2016 presidential election cycle, with Trump mocking Rubio’s size and propensity to sweat on the debate stage. However, Rubio endorsed Trump’s campaign and the two men quickly buried the hatchet when Trump entered the Oval Office.

If Trump ultimately chooses someone else, he may still have a position for Rubio within his administration. Just this week, Semafor reported that Rubio and fellow Republican Senators Bill Hagerty and Tom Cotton as members of his National Security Council. 

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