RIP Larry Allen, the strongest NFL player ever who paved Dallas Cowboys’ dynasty

A titan in NFL lore has passed away, with former Dallas Cowboys’ guard Larry Allen passing away at 52 years old.

Allen is one of the greatest offensive linemen to ever play the game, and not only helped revolutionize the guard spot in the NFL, but also paved holes for RB Emmitt Smith and the Dallas Cowboys en route to winning multiple Super Bowls (the last time the Cowboys were actually good).

Larry Allen was also one of the strongest players to ever play the game, a folktale a la John Henry truly come to life. Here he is at the Pro Bowl, bench pressing 225 pounds 43 times while wearing a gold watch. That’s one of the coldest things any NFL player has ever done.

He’s also on video bench pressing 700 pounds. I’m now motivated to get up and go to the gym because of him.

Allen was a physical specimen on the field, plowing defensive tackles like a combine harvester. John Deere needed to sponsor him immediately because what he did to folks on the field is outrageous. This is one of the most impressive plays I’ve ever seen from an offensive linemen, hawking down a linebacker on an interception and stopping him from scoring—at 330 pounds.

Age 52 is way too soon. Rest in peace to a legend.

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