Scottie Scheffler to have replacement caddy for PGA Championship third round

Scottie Scheffler and his caddy, Ted Scott, have a motto: family comes first.

That has especially rung true for Scheffler as of late, as he and his wife Meredith welcomed a baby boy, Bennett, into the world on May 8.

Hence, Scheffler skipped out on last week’s Wells Fargo Championship.

But the reigning Masters champion is back in the field this week at Valhalla, where he eyes a second straight major title. Yet, his looper will have to miss part of this week’s PGA Championship thanks to a family obligation that takes precedence.

“Teddy is going home Friday night, coming back Saturday evening after [his daughter’s high school] graduation—or probably Saturday late night, I’m sure they’ll do a little celebration afterward,” Scheffler explained Tuesday.

Scottie Scheffler, PGA Tour, 2024 PGA Championship

Scottie Scheffler and Ted Scott chat on the 7th hole during a 2024 PGA Championship practice round.
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“That’s something we talked about from the beginning of our relationship: family always comes first, and it’s the same thing for me as it is for my caddie. It was a pretty easy decision. He told me at the beginning of this year that that was the date it was, so I have a backup caddie lined up.”

Scheffler and Scott have bonded not only through golf, but through their faith and similar moral values. Golf has always been lower on Scheffler’s totem pole than his faith and his family.

Scott holds the same beliefs.

So it’s no wonder that PGA Tour Chaplain Brad Payne will loop for Scheffler during Saturday’s third round, should he make the cut.

“He’s one of my older friends who travels week to week out here,” Scheffler explained.

“I trust him to rake a bunker more than my buddies.”

Scheffler then went on to say that Scott will return for Sunday’s final round, which will undoubtedly produce some drama. The past three PGA Championships at Valhalla have come down to the final hole, with the 1996 and 2000 editions ending in playoffs.

Considering this course’s memorable history and Scheffler’s impressive season, something special could happen for him on Sunday evening. Not as magical as becoming a father for the first time, but a Scheffler win at Valhalla—and a second straight major—would make the 2024 PGA Championship a memorable one.

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