Seagate’s 2TB Xbox Storage Expansion Card gets its best discount yet

If your main gaming platform is the Xbox Series X or S and you have a particularly deep library, bring it in for a hug. The markups on its proprietary storage cards are exorbitant, but regular discounts are starting to make them a little more affordable. For example, Seagate’s 2TB Storage Expansion Card is on sale for $226.76 (down from $359.99) at Amazon, which beats the all-time low by three whole dollars.

The expansion cards are officially licensed by Microsoft and support Xbox’s speedy NVME-based Velocity Architecture to enable quicker data streaming and features like Quick Resume. They’re the only type of storage you can use to play games built for the Series X / S. It’s also worth putting older games on the faster storage, though, to speed up load times.

Take it from someone who’s been in the trenches. I have close to 2TB of storage between the Series X’s 1TB of internal storage (a good chunk of which the system claims) and the 1TB Seagate card I picked up shortly after launch, yet I’m constantly reshuffling my library to make room for new 100GB-plus titles and massive surprise updates. The Seagate card is pricey, but it’s worth the added headroom, and today’s deal marks a great opportunity to find some relief — especially with summer game sales coming up.

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