Signpost Park in Witnica, Poland

Located in the small town of Witnica roughly halfway between the German-Polish border crossing at Kostrzyn and the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski, this public park has gathered signposts and other objects that focus not just on local history, but on human progress more generally.

Its paths are divided into four distinct areas visible on the park map. These are the “area of road culture,” the “area of civilizational milestones,” the “area of reflection,” and the “area of fantasy.”

The most poignant route is the “road to nowhere” aka. the “road to totalitarianism,” located within the “area of reflection” with border markers and other signs and objects denoting the consequences of fascism and the Cold War. 

Among the other objects of interest in the park are the historical markers in the “area of road culture,” which includes historical signs and border stones from the German era and eastern Poland’s period in the Russian Empire.

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