Sixers owners buy thousands of Game 6 tickets to block Knicks fans

The Sixers want to make sure everyone at Wells Fargo arena for Game 6 is on their side, and they’re going to far as to buy their own tickets to block visiting Knicks fans.

Owners purchased 2,000 tickets of the just over 16,000 seats in the arena, and plan to give them away to first responders, health care workers, and needy organizations. It’s a great move to ensure some fans get to see playoff basketball who otherwise wouldn’t, but they’re doing so with the full transparency of ensuring there isn’t a wave of fans coming from New York and taking over the building — as they did in Game 4.

The talk of trying to prevent Knicks fans from entering the building has led to some hilarious claims on social media, like the rumor that faking being a 76ers fan will ensure cheaper tickets if you talk to the box office directly.

We’ll see if the plan works out Thursday night. The Knicks and Sixers tip off at 9 p.m. ET, and if the crowd is stocked with nothing but Philly faithful, we’ll know this scheme worked.

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