Solarback and Changing Lives of Boca Raton Hosts Beach Cleanup

Solarback LLC, an environmentally and socially conscious solar energy initiative based in Boca Raton, is collaborating with the nonprofit organization Changing Lives of Boca Raton to provide opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness to earn money while contributing to the planet’s welfare. On Sunday, March 17, in honor of Global Recycling Day on March 18, Solarback hired many resilient locals to participate in a community-wide beach cleanup. The event was attended by Solarback’s co-founders, families, and members of the larger community, with 35 participants, including five from Changing Lives.

Solarback provided participants with T-shirts, boxed water, gloves, trash sticks, and biodegradable bags. The effort inspired some of the beachgoers to join in. Although the Solarback team encountered people who were unaware of Global Recycling Day, they were able to educate them about it.

Solarback specializes in leasing and refurbishing underutilized commercial rooftops and converting them into solar farms. This creates a leasable, tenanted floor out of a previously empty, unprofitable rooftop, all at no cost. By replacing conventional, “dirty” energy sources with Solarback’s solar arrays, buildings and businesses can generate additional passive revenue and harness clean, carbon-free energy without incurring any cost to the building owner.

Changing Lives is committed to improving the lives of homeless women and men in South Florida. The organization offers essential resources, basic needs, health and wellness referrals, mentorship, and employment placement, among other things. Its primary objective is to assist these individuals in transitioning from a state of hopelessness to hopefulness and, ultimately, to achieve independent and self-sustaining living.

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