Spain's Oldest Postbox in Mayorga, Spain

The town of Mayogra, Valladolid, is home to an array of medieval architecture, including the church of Santa María de Arbas and the church of San Salvador. Mayorga is also known for its traditional festivals and local cuisine, which give a taste of authentic Spanish life.

On an exterior brick wall of an old home, you can find a plaque and small slit, marking the oldest working letterbox in Spain. The stone mailbox was installed in 1793, and is accompanied by an inscription indicating its 18th century origins. Its installation was part of an effort to improve the postal service and facilitate communication in the region at a time when postal networks were developing. Over the years, the letterbox has been restored and well maintained, preserving its original function. It is still used today by the inhabitants of Mayorga and is a historical attraction that illustrates the development of the postal service in Spain.

The exact origin of this post box is unknown, but it could be due to the fact that this town was an important crossroads and an obligatory stop in ancient Castile, on a trade route from Medina de Rioseco to Venta de Baños. 

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