Specere chair by Andreas Krob for Okamura

Dezeen Showroom: designer Andreas Krob and Japanese office furniture brand Okamura have released a task chair that combines the aesthetics of 1950s drafting chairs with modern ergonomic support.

The Specere office chair comes in two styles – a chair and stool – both of which reference vintage drafting chairs in their shape and compact proportions.

The Spacere chair features active sitting mechanisms

At the same time, the chair is designed with a contemporary appreciation for the importance of active sitting in the workplace, with an ‘Active Move’ mechanism that allows the chair to tilt subtly forward and back in response to the user’s body weight.

The flexible nylon backrest further supports natural movement, all without introducing overly complicated parts or mechanics.

Specere chair by Andreas Krob for Okamura
The same colour is used from top to bottom for a monochrome look

Aesthetically, the Specere offers a minimalist yet distinctive look, with subtle transitions between thick and thin profiles that Okamura says give the piece a “refined elegance”.

This is further enhanced by the monochromatic finish, with the specified colour used throughout the chair from the nylon backrest and upholstered seat right down to the base and casters.

Product details:

Product: Specere
Designer: Andreas Krob
Brand: Okamura
Contact: [email protected]

Material: nylon, steel, aluminium
Colours/finishes: White, Black, Dark Gray, Light Greige, Sage, Dark Green, Orange Red
Dimensions: 556 x 700 x 908 millimetres

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