SteelSeries’ improved Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset is also great in white

SteelSeries is launching a white version of its excellent Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset today. While it’s mostly just a white color option for a headset from 2022 that’s packed full of tech, there’s an important change to the ANC mics that could make these even more appealing.

SteelSeries has made the ANC mics within the ear cups slightly smaller overall, with less of a bump so they’re more comfortable to wear. At launch, some Nova Pro owners complained about the ANC bump and SteelSeries quietly redesigned it at some point last year so both the black and new white models benefit from this improvement.

The ANC bump is smaller on the white version than the original launch model.

The $349.99 white version of the Nova Pro is the same as the black variant otherwise. You still get two swappable batteries that can each last a full 24-hour day of audio playback, and one will sit in the base station fully charged and ready to be swapped. The base station isn’t white because a white LED display wouldn’t be visible through a white base station, but SteelSeries has made the control knob align with the accents on the white Nova Pro.

The base station lets you switch between two USB-C audio devices and also offers 3.5mm line-in and line-out for a pair of speakers. SteelSeries has both an Xbox option and PlayStation variant, and both also work on a PC.

The white model has lighter silver accents throughout.

We were impressed with the audio quality of the Nova Pro when we first reviewed it in 2022, and things have only gotten better since then. A series of firmware updates have improved noise cancellation, and SteelSeries introduced game presets on the base station for PlayStation and Xbox players last fall so you can easily select game audio EQ profiles for popular games that have been designed by game developers and audio engineers.

The Nova Pro is also powered by SteelSeries’ Sonar audio software, which includes an impressive AI-powered noise-cancellation feature for the microphone that neatly tucks into the headset. It’s great for removing everything but your voice from conversations, so if you have a barking dog, they won’t be picked up on a call.

Separate Arctis Nova booster packs can change some of the accent colors.

I personally use the Nova Pro at my desk and on the go thanks to its Bluetooth support. I can even listen to Bluetooth audio and sound from my PC simultaneously, which is useful for when someone calls me on my phone but I’m in the middle of an important Overwatch 2 session.

SteelSeries’ white Nova Pro Wireless headset is available today, priced at $349.99 (€379.99).

Photography by Tom Warren / The Verge

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