Stephen A. Smith left speechless after Monica McNutt slams him on Caitlin Clark comments

It’s takes A LOT to leave Stephen A. Smith speechless, but ESPN basketball analyst Monica McNutt did just that on Monday morning as Chennedy Carter’s hard foul on Caitlin Clark was the talking point.

There’s been tremendous handwringing over the treatment Clark has been getting in the WNBA as a rookie, with some making the ludicrous argument that opponents should somehow be “grateful” to Clark for bringing more attention to the sport, rather than treat her like a competitor.

When Stephen A. made the comment that he’s gone out of his way promote women’s sports, McNutt jumped on it.

Honestly, spot the lie. While Smith might think he’s really done a lot to champion women’s sports there is a reality here that a year ago First Take would never have had a whole segment about WNBA on it. It’s a show that’s traditionally been mired in discussing only the NFL and NBA, with a smattering of other sports sprinkled in — but rarely talk about women’s basketball.

There’s a lot of truth to what McNutt is saying. Just because Stephen A. might talk more about women’s sports that his compatriots doesn’t mean that 1 percent of air time prior to Caitlin Clark’s arrival makes him a champion. There’s definitely a little revisionist history going on, which is why it left Smith looking like this.

Screen Shot 2024 06 03 at 12.42.48 PM

One of the great screengrabs of all time.

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