Super Cute Free Printable Seahorse Coloring Pages

We have these fun seahorse coloring pages! We’re going under the sea with these seahorse coloring pages. If seahorses are your favorite animal, then you will love this cartoon and realistic seahorse coloring page. Download and print these free seahorse coloring sheets for use at home or in the classroom.

These seahorse coloring pages are so much fun to color!

The Kids Activities Blog coloring pages have been downloaded over 100K times in just the last year! We hope you love these seahorse coloring pages too!

Seahorse Coloring Pages

This printable set includes two seahorse coloring pages. One features a realistic seahorse, and the second shows to very cute and cartoonish seahorses. Click the green button to download and print our seahorse coloring pages here:

Did you know that seahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together? They are so adorable! And if you were wondering, seahorses live all over the world in parts of the ocean that aren’t too deep or too cold, and can live up to 5 years!

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1. Cute Seahorse Coloring Page

free seahorse coloring pages pdf file showing a realistic seahorse with seaweed, coral and ground.
Download & print these enchanting seahorse coloring pictures.

Our first seahorse coloring page features a cute seahorse swimming around, surrounded by algae and rocks. This seahorse coloring page is a bit more realistic than the second printable, making it the perfect choice for older kids that prefer more adult coloring pages. However, we’re sure kids of all ages will enjoy this seahorse coloring page. Who doesn’t like little sea creatures?

2. Baby Seahorse Coloring Page

Seahorse Coloring Pages for kids printed pdf file with 2 cartoon seahorse coloring page with seaweed bubbles and coral.
Shh, be careful not to wake up this baby seahorse! Isn’t this sea horse coloring page cute?

Our second seahorse coloring page features a baby seahorse sleeping in the sea while its mother watches it sleep safe & sound. I think a blue shade of watercolor would look great for the sea, don’t you think? Then, your kid can use crayons or markers to color the baby seahorse and its mom. Such sweet little sea animals.

Seahorse Coloring Pages printed pdf black and white on a dark background with pencil, chalk, and other colorful accessories- kids activities blog
Adorable seahorse coloring picture for kids!

Download & Print Free Seahorse Coloring Pages PDF FILE Here:

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


Seahorse Coloring Page Set Includes

Print and enjoy coloring these cute seahorse coloring pages and all the other things in their sea homes like seaweed! There are 2 seahorse coloring sheets to color, both perfect for younger and older children. Use crayons, markers, coloring pencils, or mix them up to experiment with different ways to color.

Things You Might Not Know About Seahorses

Here is a fun fact about sea horses.

  • Seahorses are fish.
  • Seahorses eat almost constantly – one seahorse can scarf down up to 3,000 brine shrimp per day.
  • They choose partners for life.
  • Seahorses use their tails as a weapon when fighting over food or territory.
  • Seahorses don’t have many predators.
  • They’re absolutely adorable!

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Did you enjoy our sea horse coloring pages?

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