The best cheap electric cars you would actually want to own

EVs remain pricier than ICE equivalents, but there are more options at the affordable end of the market than ever

‘Cheap electric car’ still feels like a contradiction. In fact, ‘cheap new car’ can often feel like a contradiction. But while electric motoring isn’t coming to the masses overnight, efforts are being made to bring down the costs of electric cars.

Right now, a full-featured EV with a 200-mile range remains out of reach below £20,000, but the bottom of the market is looking a lot healthier than it was only a few years ago, with plenty of genuinely enticing options between £20,000 and £40,000.

You may have spotted our list of the cheapest EVs on sale, which is literally just that. You can buy a Citroën Ami for under £10,000, but you probably don’t want to. Read on to discover our favourite cheap electric cars we would actually recommend if you have up to £40,000 to spend.

Top 10 cheap electric cars

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