The Killers playing Mr. Brightside after England’s victory is what the Euros are about

The 2024 Euros have provided us with amazing moments so far. From Georgia making it to the knockout stages to Lamine Yamal’s stunning goal to make history at the Euros, there’s been no shortage of wild moments this summer from Germany. However, this moment with The Killers and the English national football team might be at the top.

While England was fighting for their Euros survival against The Netherlands, The Killers had a concert going at the O2 in London, and treated the fans to a truly special moment.

This is a super cool moment. “Mr. Brightside” is like an anthem, and The Killers playing it live after the English team advanced to the Euro finals has got to feel like a fever dream. Listen to the crowd go absolutely ballistic after, it’s what makes this whole thing super fun.

The Killers now have to be involved somehow if England wins the Euros. Bring them to the parade! Have them play a few songs there! Do something special, because this is a special moment.

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