The Latest Desperate, Ghoulish, and Telling Attempt to Turn Nex Benedict Into George Floyd

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Headlines rang out on Thursday night pronouncing that no charges will be filed in the death of Nex Benedict, a “non-binary” teenager from Oklahoma. That won’t surprise you if you know anything about the facts surrounding the situation.

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Knowing the truth is one thing. Accepting it is another, and the far-left has no intention of doing that. The false narrative they painted from the very beginning is just too valuable to their cause, and that led to a fresh attempt to turn Benedict into a martyr. 

What those headlines are meant to convey is obvious. Namely, that Benedict died, at least partially, as a result of a bigoted anti-transgender attack at school. We know that because that was the story told for several days until more details came to light. Yet, even though that narrative has been completely debunked, the charge to turn a teen’s tragic self-inflicted death into the next George Floyd continues.

Benedict, who was female, committed suicide by overdosing on drugs prescribed to her the day after an altercation at school. Body cam footage from an interviewing police officer showed her admitting she started the fight with the two younger students and that she suffered no serious injuries. Despite that, there is a fresh round of outrage that the two other girls involved aren’t being thrown in jail for defending themselves. 

It’s absurd and a complete turn from how the left normally treats these situations. How many scathing articles has USA Today written demanding charges from the numerous attacks on non-trans students that have led to serious injuries? How many social media posts has Ari Dennan made demanding justice for Kaylee Gain? The answer is zero. Yet, she’s happy to spread disinformation about Benedict to prop up her own delusional political goals. 

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Nex Benedict was not killed in a fight at school. She committed suicide in the face of a relentless ideological push by the left that proclaims “affirmation” as the only path forward for children suffering from mental challenges. What Benedict needed was a medical system (and family members) that cared enough to tell her the truth and guide her through her confusion. Instead, she was left with a pat on the back, a prescription, and without the help she needed. And for what? So adults can feel better about their life choices? 

Worse, instead of changing course, they double down. It’s sick and ghoulish. The far left, which includes much of the mainstream press, is so desperate for a transgender George Floyd that they will literally lie about a child’s death, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are lying. There is no bottom. 

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