The Numbers Are in for Star Wars 'The Acolyte' and Disney Isn't Going to Be Happy

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Disney is chock-full of disasters, but it has no one to blame but itself. The company has soaked itself in so much wokeness and DEI nonsense that if it does produce anything halfway decent, it did it on accident. 

But nothing has quite embarrassed it like its recent product from Lucasfilm, the newest atrocity toward the Star Wars brand, “The Acolyte,” a show made by former Harvey Weinstein right-hand gal, Leslye Headland. Now, according to the latest numbers, it’s even worse than many thought. 

According to Cosmic Book News, the latest Nielsen ratings are in, and “The Acolyte” is one of the worst-performing shows in the Star Wars lineup, coming in at 75 percent fewer watched minutes than all of the Disney/Star Wars shows except one: 

We already knew the viewership was lower than Ahsoka, but it’s also been learned the viewership is much lower than The Mandalorian by what looks to be nearly 75%, it’s lower than Obi-Wan Kenobi, and it’s even lower than The Book of Boba Fett.

The Acolyte only beats Andor in terms of viewership, and really not by much.

The Acolyte also cost nearly double that of Ahsoka—$187M vs $100M—while the Nielsen ratings reveal that Ahsoka‘s viewership is nearly double that of The Acolyte.

Disney and Bob Iger definitely can’t be happy with these numbers.

Embarrassing doesn’t begin to cover it. The show has been inundated with negative reviews and has generated so much spite from the Star Wars fan base due to lazy writing, political allegories, world-breaking story elements, and lesbian space witches who conceive children immaculately with the “power of many.” 

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As of this writing, the show has a 14 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile, the show’s creators are celebrating that it’s the “gayest Star Wars” as its lead actress, Amandla Steinberg, releases cringy music videos calling her critics racist. 

Everything about this show, from the writing to the acting, is horrendous. They can’t even live up to their own messaging, as it was found that the men on the set of “The Acolyte” are paid more than the women, despite all the feminism being pushed by the brand. 

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This is happening despite Disney CEO Bob Iger proclaiming that Disney was going to walk away from political messaging and focus on good storytelling. He hilariously told investors that they needed to help him fend off an attempt from Nelson Peltz to include himself and his Trian Management on the board so he could get the company back on track. 

If this is what Iger meant, then Disney is doomed. If anything, Star Wars is definitely dead. 

Toss “The Acolyte” on the growing pile of examples of how wokeness kills everything it touches. 

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