This week the restoration of the Grand Palais Olympic venue was unveiled

This week on Dezeen, we revealed the renovation of the Grand Palais in Paris, which will be used as a fencing and taekwondo venue at the Olympic Games in Paris.

French studio Chatillon Architectes recently completed the restoration of the vast glass-roofed atrium at the landmark structure ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games.

The fencing and taekwondo events at the games will be held in the revamped main atrium.

Car-branded skyscrapers
We questioned why so many car-branded skyscrapers are being built

Also this week, we investigated the growing phenomenon of car-branded skyscrapers with luxury car makers including Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin all unveiling branded real-estate developments in the past 18 months.

“Fans of the brand should not just be able to drive a Porsche, they should be able to live in one,” Porsche Lifestyle Group CEO Stefan Buescher told Dezeen.

Sutton Tower
Thomas Juul-Hansen completed a skyscraper in New York

In architecture news, two major skyscrapers were unveiled in the US. In New York, Thomas Juul-Hansen completed a skyscraper with limestone facades and a champagne-coloured stainless steel crown in Manhattan that he described as “modern and classic”.

In Chicago, Pelli Clarke & Partners completed the 57-storey Salesforce Tower as part of the Wolf Point development alongside the Chicago River.

EK by Roth Architecture
The EK car by Roth Architecture was unveiled

In design news, Mexican studio Roth Architecture created an electric car that was designed to navigate narrow Tulum roads.

Named EK car, the three-person vehicle was created under the studio’s Azulik brand, which includes a resort, art museum, restaurants and the studio’s “insect-wing” office spanning a property along the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Guadalajara North American Design
We focused on Guadalajara in our North American Design series

Our North American Design 2024 series focused on Guadalajara in Mexico this week, highlighting nine independent design studios in the city.

“From fashion and design to art and gastronomy, Guadalajara represents a legacy that is still alive, not static, and keeps transforming and surprising us all,” curator Ana Elena Mallet told Dezeen.

Gardenhide Studio by Commonbond Architects
A self-build house in London was one of this week’s most-read stories

Popular projects on Dezeen this week include a self-build house in London made from hempcrete and timber, a church that evokes the form of a biblical ark resting on a rock and a social housing block in Mallorca made from stone.

Our latest lookbooks featured bathrooms that confidently combine colour and pattern and dining rooms with tactile interiors.

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