Tommy DeVito earned Pizza Hut Super Bowl commercial for his .500 season

One of the most enjoyable arcs of the 2023 NFL season came via New York Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito who, due to a slew of injuries to both veterans Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor, found himself going from undrafted to starting in one of the world’s largest media markets in lightning speed.

Everyone loves an underdog story and that’s exactly what DeVito provided. After losing his first two starts, DeVito rattled off three consecutive wins, including one against the Green Bay Packers, who wound up advancing to the Divisional Round of this year’s playoffs.

Despite finishing the year with a .500 record of 3-3, DeVito’s fame has continued to coast all the way up until Sunday evening’s Super Bowl. As soon as the countdown to the big game hit 90 minutes, Pizza Hut dropped a new commercial fresh out of the oven (pun strongly intended) and it ended up being an excellent start to a night that will be loaded with phenomenally funny and likely emotionally-gripping commercial breaks.

DeVito is joined in the commercial by actress Antonia entry as the two are mobbed by paparazzi while holding a pizza box from the Hut. The theme was not unlike the real-life spectacle that has been the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift power couple. The images of DeVito and Gentry set the internet ablaze at the sight of the newest “pairing” but by the end of the commercial, you come to realize the hype wasn’t for Devito and Gentry at all, but the new hot honey and pepperoni pizza they were toting around with them.

Featuring a number of popular cameos from members of the media, including CBS Sports’ game day crew, the commercial was definitely a great mix of fun and unexpectedness that got the job done before kickoff.

If you missed the initial airing, you can check out the entire commercial right here:

Along with his own fame rising, DeVito’s agent Sean Stellato also found himself front and center in the NFL for a short span after fans fell in love with his traditional Italian panache. As of now, both DeVito and Stellato are now entrenched in NFL lore as no one would be able to tell the story of the 2023 NFL season without mentioning either.

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