Tony Bobulinski’s Lawyer Reacts to Fox News Host’s ‘Clarification’ of False Accusation

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In a whirlwind of false accusations and supposed clarifications, Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, continues to strike back at Fox News over comments made by one of its co-hosts.

The conflict centers on a contention made by Jessica Tarlov, a left-leaning co-host of “The Five,” that Bobulinski’s legal fees are being paid by a Super PAC aligned with former President Donald Trump. Bobulinski has been testifying before Congress about President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s shady foreign business deals.

During Wednesday’s broadcast, Tarlov erroneously stated that “Tony Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump Super PAC that’s as recent as January.”

The co-host’s remarks led to a swift rejoinder from members of Bobulinski’s legal team. They sent a letter obtained by PJMedia’s Matt Margolis, to Jeff A. Taylor, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the Fox Corporation, referring to Tarlov’s accusations as “unequivocally false and defamatory,” and stated that “no Trump Super PAC has ever paid Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees.”

The attorneys demanded that Tarlov retract her statements during the Thursday broadcast of “The Five.” Instead, Tarlov responded by issuing a “clarification” letter about her previous comments.

“I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday during our discussion of Tony Bobulinski’s appearance at the congressional hearing. During an exchange with my colleagues about the hearing I said that Mr. Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC as recent as January. What was actually said during the hearing was that the law firm representing Mr. Bobulinski was paid by a Trump PAC. I have seen no indication those payments were made in connection with Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees and he denies that they were.”

This clarification did not satisfy the lawyers, who sent another letter to Fox Corporation threatening a defamation lawsuit.

Ms. Tarlov then made it a point to state that this was a ‘clarification,’ not an apology,” the letter read.

It continued:

“‘What was actually said at the hearing’ left the impression that it was a matter of fact, not a claim made by a democrat representative, that Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees were being paid for by a Trump PAC and that Mr. Passantino’s law firm secretly accepted funds from any source other than Mr. Bobulinski personally for this representation.

This half-hearted response and cavalier attitude is simply unacceptable and Ms. Tarlov was aware at the time she made them that these false statements invoking President Trump would inflame a segment of the country against Mr. Bobulinski and Mr. Passantino and would falsely cause her viewers to disbelieve Mr. Bobulinski’s sworn testimony.”

The attorneys demanded “a complete retraction and apology by Ms. Tarlov AT THE TOP OF TODAY’S SHOW while showing this photograph in which Ms. Tarlov clearly states that she explicitly ‘apologize to Tony Bobulinski and Stefan Passantino for making a false claim o the air which harmed their reputations.’”

They also asked that Tarlov also say: “To be clear, it appears that Mr. Bobulinski has always paid all of his legal bills and there is no evidence that Mr. Passantino or his law firm accepted money from anyone other than Mr. Bobulinski for his representation.”

“These statements must be made without the petulant innuendo or further attempted mental gymnastics as we saw from her yesterday,” the letter concludes.

The exchange among Fox Corporation, Tarlov, and Bobulinski’s attorneys underscores a broader conflict between public figures and members of the media. Many commentators and journalists have been called to the carpet for making inaccurate statements to achieve political ends. This has definitely been the case with Bobulinski, who has received numerous attacks from folks on the left for his allegations against President Biden.

Earlier this week, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) responded to the witness’ testimony by falsely claiming he is in league with Russia’s government – a favorite tactic among Democrats seeking to discredit their opponents.

As the impeachment inquiry continues, Bobulinski and other witnesses who are not favorable to the president will likely receive the same treatment. Hopefully, those on the receiving end will be as willing to fight back as his attorneys.

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