Valve reveals the most-played Steam Deck games

Today, Valve released a new Steam Charts page highlighting the top played games on the Steam Deck. The list will be updated on a daily basis, revealing what titles are most popular on the handheld.

The list functions as a new discovery method for people to know what to play on their Valve handheld. As the company has pointed out, a Steam game that runs great on a desktop PC might not offer the same experience on the Steam Deck.

The data for the daily top 100 played games list is sourced from a rolling time window of the past week of stats, as Valve explained in a follow-up post to its initial announcement on X. However, according to Valve’s Lawrence Yang, the listing isn’t strictly based on the number of players in each game.

“The metric we’re using to determine top-played is a combination of unique users and interest. Hades 2 has only been out for a month, but so many Steam Deck players have it as one of their top played games for the entire year, that it was lifted in the rankings.”

The Verge has reached out to Valve to clarify how interest in a game is being determined. (We’ll update this post when we hear back.)

The new chart includes the current pricing and promotions for the top 100 titles (it’s launching on the same day that Valve’s Summer Sale is getting underway, which includes a discount on the LCD Steam Deck), day-to-day changes in each game’s ranking, and whether the title is verified for the console so it runs without compatibility issues. The list defaults to the past week, but gamers can also see the top 100 Steam Deck games from the past month or the past year.

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