Vikings’ new all-white ‘Winter Warrior’ uniforms are one of NFL’s best alternate looks

Doing a white uniform in almost every sport is a big risk. Trying to balance the white palate with adding colors to make it pop, while also not adding too much to make it look busy can be the difference between a uniform that misses, and one of the best uniforms in the league. The Minnesota Vikings made that balance look easy, revealing their newest alternate ‘Winter Warrior’ uniforms that look incredibly cool.

The first thing that stands out is keeping the numbers and name on the back of the jersey purple is a true blessing to the beat writers in the press box. Minnesota had the choice to make the name and numbers that same silver on the front of the jerseys, but going with purple helps make the jerseys pop and is much better functionally. The purple outline on the horn of the helmet is incredible, again popping the horn but not being too overbearing.

Here’s another look at the new uniforms:

These jerseys immediately become one of the best alternates, and one of the better white uniforms currently in the NFL. Minnesota did a great job of balancing the all white jerseys with subtle additions of purple to really set it off. This is a 10/10.

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