WATCH: Carville Calls for 'Wet Work' (Assassination Term) to Be Done Against Donald Trump

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Former President Donald Trump has been doing so well, beating Joe Biden in the polls, it’s causing a meltdown by people on the left. As we reported, part of the reason is that Biden/Democrats are losing a lot of black and Hispanic voters, some of whom are going to Trump. That’s making Biden lose his mind behind the scenes. 

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It’s also clearly making other Democrats nervous and wondering what they can do to defeat Trump. The lawfare hasn’t seemed to work. So what’s left? 

What James Carville appeared to suggest on CNN euphemistically was very disturbing. He said that Joe Biden wasn’t the best “attack politician” and that other people like Carville should be doing “wet work” against Trump, a word used to mean murder or assassination. What made it worse was Anderson Cooper’s reaction. 

Cooper smiles and appears to chuckle when he says it sounds like a “mob hit.” 

Carville responded, “Well, it’s kind of, but it’s paid TV and stuff like that. But yes, that’s a CIA term. Take a guy out.”

He continued, “But he doesn’t need to do the wet work. People like me and other groups in the party need to do that. He’s not very good at it. I don’t think people want to hear from that. And then he can, you know, cruise along here at a better altitude. But this has got to be done, and they’ve got to press this advantage right now when they have it.”

Merriam-Webster defines “wet work” as “work involving murder or assassination.” 

This is seriously bad, especially with all the crazy leftists out there. They’ve already convinced many of them that Trump is Hitler and that voting against him would be “saving democracy,” as though it’s a sacred mission. When they push craziness like this, it can trigger nuts. Plus, what is Carville talking about when he says it? He appears to understand the term and be using it that way. The Secret Service should be paying him a visit. 

Cooper’s reaction is disgraceful. Cooper was one of the same people who chastised Trump for using the term “bloodbath” when there was absolutely no violent aspect in his usage of the term, and that’s a term that’s commonly used for things other than violence. Yet Cooper smiled and did no push back at all to what Carville said. He was completely cool with it. That shows how completely hypocritical he is on this. Nor has any of the other media who freaked out over the bloodbath term condemned Carville or called him out on it. Because this isn’t about terms, it’s about saying whatever they can to advance the Democratic agenda. That’s all they seem to care about. 

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