WATCH: In Which Sen. John Kennedy Expertly Destroys the Credibility of Woke Climate 'Expert' Witness

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To reiterate a point often made here by readers and writers alike, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is an absolute national treasure, and he proved it again this week with epic takedowns of “experts” Democrats have had appear before members of Congress to testify on behalf of themselves and/or their pet causes.

As we previously reported, one of them was federal judge Nancy Maldonado, who is Joe Biden’s nominee for the Seventh Circuit Court. Kennedy questioned her during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday regarding court documents she previously signed off on where the term “assault weapons” was used. When he asked her to explain what she meant by “assault weapons,” she… couldn’t.

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Maldonado, as it turns out, was not the only person Kennedy took aim at that Wednesday. Gus Schumacher, a 23-year-old cross-country skier and Olympian, was a Democrat witness during a Senate Budget Committee hearing on “Recreation at Risk: The Nature of Climate Costs.”

He was there on behalf of a group called “Protect Our Winters,” which, as you might expect, believes “we have just over a decade to drastically curb our emissions to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.”

When it was Kennedy’s time to question Schumacher, he asked him some climate change and policy-related questions, which stumped Schumacher, who admitted several times that he was not in fact an expert on the subject matter on which he was there to testify. 

As part of his evaluation of a witness, Kennedy then brought up Schumacher’s Twitter history, where he previously expressed support for abolishing the police and pushed conspiracy theories about the war on drugs allegedly being created to “incarcerate black people en masse.”

Schumacher at first denied remembering writing or retweeting some of what he was questioned on, but then repeatedly kept saying they were not relevant to the subject matter at hand, a subject on which he had already admitted he had little to no expertise.

It was something else to watch, and you almost felt sorry for Schumacher. Almost. Perhaps even more hilariously, some on Twitter were comparing Schumacher to the Jeff Spicoli character (played by Sean Penn) from the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Watch below as Kennedy destroyed his credibility in a time span of about five minutes:

Kennedy definitely has a knack for exposing witnesses who are big on spouting platitudes about how we should spend billions of dollars trying to “fix” the world, but who are short on actual expertise and evidence to be able to back up their positions, a problem that exists well beyond the walls of Congressional hearing rooms, as explained so well by CalExit campaign founder Louis Marinelli:

This is actually the depth of knowledge and forethought that the left have on just about every issue. Don’t get me wrong—they have their DNC talking points memorized well. But if you dig deeper you get: “Well, okay. But, yeah. I don’t know.”

Every time. 

And these people want not only to shift to a carbon neutral economy, but to allow men to compete against women in sports, children to have life-altering sex change operations, and positions of importance to be filled based on DEI priorities, not on merit. 

No forethought into the consequences of those actions.

None whatsoever.

In an Instagram photo he posted after the hearing, Schumacher explained that “I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I’m using my platform to elevate the issue! I hope that my testimony has made an impact on public officials making policy decisions.”

I have no doubt it did. No doubt at all. 😉

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