WATCH LIVE: Biden Business Associates Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis Testify Before House Oversight

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Although he was invited to attend and testify publically before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, First Son Hunter Biden will not be in attendance at the hearing titled “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office,” nor is his former business partner Devon Archer expected to appear. 

However, Tony Bobulinski will be testifying, as will Jason Galanis (from a federal prison camp). The Democrats have elected to invite former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas to serve as their witness. 

Bobulinski, you may recall, has previously testified behind closed doors, where he had this to say: 

Testifying behind closed doors, Bobulinski will say that from his “direct personal experience,” it’s “clear” that Joe Biden was “‘the Brand’ being sold by the Biden family.’”

His family’s foreign influence peddling operation — from China to Ukraine and elsewhere — sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government.

Joe Biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family’s business; he was an enabler, despite being buffered by a complex scheme to maintain plausible deniability. 

The only reason any of these international business transactions took place — with tens of millions of dollars flowing directly to the Biden family — was because Joe Biden was in high office.

Bobulinski will also say: “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.”


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There are likely to be fireworks in this one, so pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show. 

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