WATCH: Things Get Awkward When 'View's' Sunny Hostin Reveals She Discovered Her Ancestors Owned Slaves

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“The View” is unquestionably one of the most toxic, obnoxious TV shows in America where virtue signaling, holier-than-thou attitudes, and wokeness are as commonplace as rats in a New York City sewer.

Though co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are the veteran longtimers on the show, Sunny Hostin is clearly the ringleader, whipping up the studio audience and shocking viewers at home with her racist rants about Republicans she doesn’t like (read: all of them) while bragging about a supposed legal expertise that in reality leaves a helluva lot to be desired.

She’s not above attacking her colleagues every once in a while, either.

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Hostin views most white people as guilty of racism if for no other reason than the fact that some of their ancestors likely owned slaves.

But it was Hostin herself who was in for the shock of her life when she recently found out that her ancestors not only were slaveowners but would flee to other parts of the world to continue being involved in the slave trade:

But what I found out was that my mother’s family while they are Puerto Rican, they actually originate from Spain, and the reason that they moved to Puerto Rico is because the slave trade had been sort of canceled in Spain and then Curaçao and then they moved all their slaves to Puerto Rico. So, the family business, I have been told, that they were printers and journalists but they were, in fact, enslavers.

Even worse for Hostin was finding out that her family was more “white” than she previously realized:

As Hostin processed the news later in the episode, she observed that her “mother’s family does look white,” referencing the new information about their Spanish lineage. When Gates, Jr. jokingly asked Hostin what she had against having Spanish roots, she replied, “Just the colonization of other people. I’m surprised that they were enslavers, actually. That’s disappointing.”

Hostin went on to say that her “mother certainly identifies as Puerto Rican and non-white,” and that she “hates this for her” mom as a result.

“She’s going to see how deeply white she is,” Gates, Jr. responded.

As one might imagine, things got a little awkward on the Thursday “View” segment when Hostin addressed the issue, as evident in this first clip where Hostin looked embarrassed to have to admit it toward the end:

And then there was this one, where Hostin bizarrely said she was still in favor of reparations and also chided people for saying she didn’t deserve any because she was more white than she thought she was:

So Hostin, I guess, believes her family should be on the hook for paying and receiving reparations should that ever become law. I mean, how will that even work?

Hostin’s obsession with racial identity politics and wokeness knows no bounds, and while we have no control over our ancestral history, I can’t think of a more fitting person to receive the news that she has more white in her family tree than originally thought than Sunny Hostin.

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