Williamsport Falls in Williamsport, Indiana

The fertile fields of the Wabash River Valley in western Indiana are home to geological treasures. In the farming community of Williamsport, visitors can find the tallest waterfall in Indiana.

Fall Creek, a short tributary of the Wabash River, feeds Williamsport Falls. Williamsport was founded in 1828 around the creek, and today, the waterfall marks a boundary between the Old and New Towns. At one time, the base of the falls was used as a sandstone quarry and provided building materials to many of the local buildings.

The volume of water was once strong enough to support a mill at the bottom of the waterfall. However, due to advancements in farming technology, the creek’s power has decreased significantly, and the falls are dry for much of the year. But the rock shelter behind the falls provides a nice respite for visitors, and during rainy seasons, the falls are running in all its glory.

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