Wisconsin Governor Causes Mass Confusion While Shamefully Vetoing Bill Protecting Girls' Sports

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Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin surrounded himself with “transgender” activists on Tuesday to veto a bill meant to protect girls’ sports. While doing so, he offered the perfect illustration of how nonsensical the ideology he’s pushing is. 

The bill in question would have based a student’s participation in school athletics on their actual gender instead of whatever gender they claim to “identify” with. That was apparently a bridge too far for the Democrat governor and his cohorts, and now boys who claim to be girls will be able to compete against biological girls. 

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There’s ample evidence of exactly how that will play out, from stolen opportunities to injuries. The far left doesn’t care, though. They have decided that affirming mental illness overrides any concern for the wellbeing of school-age girls. 

None of this makes sense, and that includes Evers’ statement while vetoing the bill. 

Putting aside that he’s quoting a transgender activist almost verbatim because he doesn’t have an original thought on the matter, can someone explain how “noncomforming kids” can also have “sports teams that align with their gender identity?” Isn’t the entire point of of being “nonconforming” that the person doesn’t align with societal norms surrounding defined genders? 

What’s the standard there? Someone who is a boy but chooses to present as “nonconforming” gets to pick what sports league they play in arbitrarily? 

So much of transgender ideology is contradictory. Because of that, it is the perfect representation of the modern far-left belief system. Nothing has to actually make sense because nothing actually matters. Everything is based on opportunism and emotion in the moment. If that means casting young girls aside and putting them in danger to give preferential treatment to transgender ideology, then so be it. 

For context, somewhere around 70 percent of Americans support legislation protecting girls’ sports. Evers and his party are not taking the popular position in opposing those protections. Democrats don’t care, though, because they play for keeps. While Republicans are wetting themselves over the prospect of having to defend various abortion laws in November, Democrats continue to go on offense even when they are in the minority on an issue. They don’t back away from a fight, and they win. 

In the end, Evers’ veto only serves to cause as much mass confusion as his statement did. When you have no standards, chaos will ensue. There are no clear guidelines being given to school administrators on how to assign students to sports teams. Under Evers’ non-standard, any student can demand to be placed on any team regardless of the consequences for others or objective reality.

What happens when a young girl ends up the hospital because a boy knocked her out? The answer is nothing. Democrats will keep chugging along, proclaiming that any pushback on their insane policies is bigotry. None of this stops until voters in Wisconsin and elsewhere make it stop.

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