Wordle now has a playable puzzle archive

Wordle players no longer have to worry about missing a daily puzzle. Today, The New York Times is launching a new feature for subscribers that will let them access an archive of past Wordle puzzles. The archive is rolling out now for those with a “Games” or “All Access” subscription and will include more than 1,000 past puzzles, though it sounds like not everyone will have it right away; the Times says that the rollout is expected to “take place over the next couple of months.” At launch, the feature will be available on both mobile and desktop, and the Times says it will be coming to its Games app in the “coming weeks.”

Image: The New York Times

“This expansion is not just about playing past puzzles; it’s about deepening the connection our community has with Wordle and with each other,” Jonathan Knight, head of games at The New York Times, said in a statement. “We believe this will make the daily puzzle even more engaging and provide even more moments of surprise and delight for our subscribers to share with friends and family.”

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