Ford Mustang marks 60th birthday with 800-car party in UK

But it was flanked by an immaculately restored 1966 car and a freshly registered Mach-E, both of which commanded a good deal of attention from enthusiasts young and old – somewhat reassuringly, in the case of the Mach-E.

There has been much talk since the Mach-E’s 2020 launch of its place in the Mustang family tree (namely, whether it deserves one at all). 

From its representation and reception here, though, you sense that it’s finally been folded into the ranks – perhaps lending credibility to Ford’s ambitions of one day extending the nameplate yet further to encompass a whole range of models, à la Seat’s Cupra or Volvo’s Polestar.

The electric crossover cut a faintly anonymous and bland figure in this context, particularly considering the garish outlandishness of some of the ‘real’ Mustangs on display, but clearly it is not without its fans.

While it might not snap necks by virtue of a crackling V8 or a beefy bodykit, there was intrigue afoot here – perhaps doubly poignant, given this particular crowd’s inherent predilection for burnouts and whopping-great V8 motors.

How long before kilowatts replace cubic inches as the measure of credibility in the queue for the hot dog van?

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